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All participants have sustained a moderate to severe TBI and are now being followed at the collaborating centers as part of the TBIMS NDB which is a study collecting observational data after TBI.

The goal of this TBIMS collaborative study is to examine chronic pain and pain treatment after moderate to severe TBI in order to improve the health and function of these individuals, which through improved patient stratification and treatment guidelines, could lead to improved participation and employment. The specific aims of this study are: 1) Determine chronic pain classification, prevalence, location, duration, and associations with demographic, injury severity, current level of functioning, and comorbidities in participants followed in the TBIMS National Database; 2) Identify and compare chronic pain extreme phenotype characteristics across two outcomes – impact of chronic pain on daily life and overall perceptions of improvement; and 3) Identify treatment practices by clinicians who treat comorbid TBI and chronic pain to determine gaps in availability/accessibility of multidisciplinary pain treatment, highlighting underserved populations where applicable.