Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury System (RMRBIS) is centered at Craig Hospital, which has rehabilitated over 4,200 traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients over the past 25 years and is consistently recognized among the top rehabilitation facilities in the United States. First designated as a TBI Model System in 1998, RMRBIS provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary specialty system of TBI care for Colorado and the surrounding area, which includes all three Level I trauma centers, five Level II trauma centers, and three long-term acute care facilities in the Denver Metro area.

In order to achieve the overall goal of conducting research that contributes to evidence-based rehabilitation interventions to improve the lives of individuals with TBI, RMRBIS is conducting one site specific research project, leading one and participating in two collaborative research modules, contributing to the longitudinal TBI National Database, and maintaining a TBI Model System of care and research.

Research Projects

As Lead Center

As Participating Center

Title Project Type Start Date End Date
BeHealthy: Chronic Disease Management for TBI Collaborative 09/01/2021 08/30/2025
Trajectories of Cognitive Functioning Years after TBI (BTACT) Modular (Joint) 10/01/2017 09/30/2022
Caregiver Resilience: A Longitudinal Investigation Modular (Joint) 10/01/2017 09/30/2022
Return To Driving After Moderate-Severe TBI: Who, When, Where, And How Safe? Modular (Joint) 09/30/2017 10/01/2022
Understanding Causes of Death in the TBI Model Systems 10/21/2015 09/30/2017
Statins and Outcome After TBI: An Observational Study Modular (Joint) 07/01/2013 09/30/2017
Cognitive Testing in the TBI Model Systems Modular (Joint) 07/01/2013 09/30/2017
Long-Term Co-Morbidity and Functional Decline Modular (Joint) 07/01/2013 09/30/2017
Development of an Extended Measure of Global Function to Support Clinical Trials Originating in Acute Rehabilitation Modular (Joint) 07/01/2013 09/30/2017
Test-Retest Reliability of TBIMS Form 2 Measures with Persons with TBI Modular (Joint) 06/30/2013 06/30/2017
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