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This project will produce new knowledge and information to address current evidence gaps in the management of brain injury as a chronic health condition and, in so doing, will help optimize health, function, and community integration after traumatic brain injury (TBI). The primary output of this project will be a chronic disease management (CDM) model for people with TBI, their caregivers, and health care providers. The project will develop this model from a foundational evidence base and refine it using feasibility testing. The project will also generate information and propose policy that will allow implementation. Long-term outcomes of this work will be decreased mortality and improved health, function, and quality of life for people with TBI through (1) prevention and/or reduction in the rates of new onset co-morbid disease and disability after TBI, (2) extended rehabilitation services that better integrate with community-based supports, and (3) creation of evidence-based recommendations for healthy longevity.