Ambassador: Esther Klang

Role: Accessibility Tester, Product Tester, Disability Advocate
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Ambassador: Mohamed Salem

Role: Advocate
Location: Middletown Pennsylvania

Ambassador: Peggy Reisher

Role: MSW; Executive Director for Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska (BIA-NE); Chair of USBIA Board of Trustees
Location: Lincoln, NE

Ambassador: Cazoshay Marie

Role: Person with TBI
Location: Arizona

Ambassador: George A. Serrano Martinez

Role: Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist
Location: Tampa, FL

Ambassador: David Robertson

Role: Individual with TBI
Location: Monklands, Scotland

Ambassador: Jeena Elizabeth Jose

Role: Physical Therapist and Clinical Instructor
Location: California

Ambassador: Barbara Toorens

Role: Individual with TBI
Location: Washington