David Robertson
TBI Ambassador
Individual with TBI
Monklands, Scotland
Fun Facts

David’s accident left him with permanent double vision, a condition exacerbated by his anisometropia. Despite his impairment, David’s vision is his most cherished possession. He observes beauty and patterns in all aspects of life and uses his talents as a keen photographer to capture his vision. He has had his work published on DVD and magazine covers as well as taking photographs of a broad range of subjects for pleasure both at home and abroad.

David enjoys working on different projects and tried his hand at producing jewelry but found the intricacies of soldering and manipulating small pieces was something he couldn’t quite master.

David greatly enjoys travel. Four years after his TBI he traveled through Canada, the USA, and Mexico where he was able to watch some soccer matches and experience new places in the world. Since then, he has visited many other countries but finds himself still drawn to return to the US so he can explore more of the states. David and his partner have three boys and have recently celebrated 32 years of marriage.

David Robertson's Journey with TBI

In 1982 David fell 30 feet from a hotel window and, among other injuries, sustained a serious head injury. To this day David has no direct memory of the accident, or his time spent in a hospital in Llandudno, North Wales, only occasional instances a couple of weeks later after he was transferred nearer to home serving as his earliest memories of the injury.

After the accident David felt he had to start over; learning how to walk, talk, carry out personal care, and everything people take for granted. David felt he had the best care in rehab but then was left very much on his own by the time he was discharged and sent home.

David found it difficult to cope with the psychological aspects of a traumatic brain injury. On the outside David appeared to be fine, but he often felt that he was making guesses on how best to live. In a way, David’s injury was as invisible to himself as it was to others. He became his own worst critic, second-guessing himself constantly, and serving as a danger to himself and others.

It was only recently that David started to look at his fall and appreciate the damage it caused him. He’s begun to learn more about TBI using the MSKTC resources and wants to draw on his experiences to help others.

What does David think of the quality/usefulness of MSKTC resources?

The MSKTC resources are ideal to find specific information as well as general knowledge of different aspects of TBI. MSKTC has such a large library of resources that he has not had the time to study all it offers. It is easy to find answers or assistance in an easily understandable format. The different modes of presentation help translate the information to a wide range of different people.

Why does David want to be an MSKTC ambassador?

David would like to help those that may need assistance in finding the relevant information to help lead the best lives they can.

What has David done as an MSKTC ambassador?

David shares MSKTC resources and information with Fife Nursing School, Fife Women's Aid as well as with the Fife branch of Headways.