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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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, 98, 12, 2498-2506

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Study examined the construct validity of the Participation Measuree-3 Domains, 4 Dimensions (PM-3D4D), a multidimensional participation measure developed for use in rehabilitation practice. The PM-3D4D is a 19-item measure designed to evaluate participation in 3 domains (productivity, social, and community) across 4 dimensions (diversity, frequency, desire for change, and difficulty). Data were collected from 556 rehabilitation patients. Intercorrelations among the 4 dimensions of the PM-3D4D and correlations between the PM-3D4D and 3 legacy instruments (Participation Assessment with Recombined Tools-Objective, Participation Measure for Post-Acute Care, and Satisfaction With Life Scale) were examined to establish the convergent and divergent validity of the PM-3D4D. Known-group validity was evaluated by comparing PM-3D4D scores across age groups and groups of people classified by functional level. Results indicated that the Diversity scale of the PM-3D4D was strongly correlated with the Frequency scale (Spearman correlation coefficient =.83 to .96 across the 3 domains), and these 2 scales showed moderate to strong correlations with the Difficulty scale (.42 to .70) but weak (.4 to 0) and insignificant correlations with the Desire for change scale. The Frequency and Difficulty scales of the PM-3D4D showed moderate to strong correlations with the Participation Assessment with Recombined Tools-Objective and Participation Measure for Post-Acute Care, respectively, and the Desire for change scale had weak correlations with the Satisfaction With Life Scale. Significant differences in PM-3D4D scores were found by age and functional level. Findings support the construct validity of the PM-3D4D to assess rehabilitation patients’ participation performance and helping practitioners identify intervention priorities to improve patients’ participation outcomes.


Chang, Feng-Hang, Chang, Kwang-Hwa, Liou, Tsan-Hon, Whiteneck, Gale G.