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To examine the menopause transition among women who have sustained mild complicated to severe TBI. The central hypothesis is that TBI will exacerbate symptoms associated with both the menopause transition and TBI. The overall objective is to examine menopause symptoms in women with TBI and the extent to which they differ from their non-injured peers. The objectives rest on the premise that due to direct and indirect effects of TBI on health and functioning, symptoms during menopause transition will be exacerbated compared to non-TBI peers. 150 women with mild complicated to severe TBI 40 – 60 years of age will be enrolled at participating TBIMS who will complete online multiple outcome measures. The 150 TBIMS participants’ data will be compared to 150 women without TBI to examine TBI-specific effects associated with menopause. Additional analyses will focus on the potential influences of substance abuse and health history in the menopause profile of women with TBI. We expect that hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness will be related to menopause status, but not TBI, whereas disruptions in mood, cognition, sleep, fatigue, sexual desire will be greater among women with TBI compared to non-TBI peers.