Claudia Gonzalez
TBI Ambassador
Athletic Trainer and PhD Student in Rehabilitation Counseling
Fun Facts

Claudia has a deep appreciation for sports and the impact it can have across communities. When she is not involved in sports you may catch Claudia at a Lionel Richie concert, reading, traveling, spending time by a pool or beach, or watching Star Trek.

Claudia's Journey with TBI

Born in Mexico, Claudia is a first-generation college student in her family. She was an athletic trainer for 10 years before pursuing her PhD in rehabilitation counseling. In her time as an athletic trainer, Claudia observed misconceptions about concussion by athletes, their families and professionals. She understands the need for athletic trainers to have evidence-based research and resources to inform concussion protocols, as well as athletes to have the resources they need when struggling with physical and mental health or other issues stemming from concussion.

Why does Claudia want to be an ambassador?

Claudia wants to advocate for athletic trainers who don't get to see high quality resources like the MSKTC resources as much as they should. As a MSKTC ambassador, Claudia wishes to increase her capacity to support and advocate for athletes suffering concussion, spinal cord injury, and other injuries. By being an ambassador to share MSKTC evidence-based resources, she can help athletes, athletic trainers, and their family members to better understand and manage concussion. 

What has Claudia done as an ambassador?

Claudia has shared MSKTC resources via social media channels. She also worked with a friend to include a story about the MSKTC resources in the bimonthly newsletter of the Valley Athletic Trainers Association. Claudia is currently working with a colleague on a concussion protocol which will be informed by some of the resources from MSKTC. They plan to give presentations to coaches and athletic trainers and share the MSKTC resources to help them better support athletes with concussion and other injuries.