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Journal of Burn Care And Research (formerly Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation)

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, 36, 6, 607-612

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Study identified predictors for discharge to independent versus non-independent living status in older patients hospitalized for burns. Patient, injury, and treatment outcomes data were collected from 591 patients aged ≥55 years who were treated and discharged alive from three burn centers participating in the Burn Model Systems project from 1993 to 2011. The primary outcome of interest was final hospital discharge disposition. Mean burn size was 14.8 percent and mean age was 66.7 years. Ninety-three patients (15.7 percent) had an inpatient rehabilitation stay before discharge. Significant factors predictive of inpatient rehabilitation included a larger burn size, mechanical ventilation, older age, range of motion deficits at acute care discharge, and study site. These factors were included in a propensity model. Four hundred seventy-one patients (80 percent) were discharged to independent living status. Matched propensity analysis revealed that older age was significantly associated with a higher likelihood of discharge to non-independent living. Comorbidity and history of alcohol abuse were also predictive patient factors. Furthermore, clinical practice variations among the 3 study sites also constituted a significant factor in discharge disposition. The authors believe that these variations among burn centers need to be studied further to better understand discharge disposition status in older patients with burns.


Pham, Tam N., Carrougher, Gretchen J., Martinez, Erin, Lezotte, Dennis, Rietschel, Carly, Holavanahalli, Radha, Kowalske, Karen, Esselman, Peter C.

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