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Disability Studies Quarterly

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, 34, 3,


Article describes a scoping review of the research conducted on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A broad range of research on the ADA tracks its progress and impact. Much of the research is inconclusive or conflicting, creating a fragmented evidence base about the ADA's effectiveness as a social policy. In response, academic researchers and disability organizations have called for an extensive review of the existing research. To address the need for a systematic assessment of existing research, the University of Illinois at Chicago has begun a five-year project systematically reviewing the ADA research as part of the ADA Knowledge Translation Center at the University of Washington. This article details the activities and findings from stage one of the project, a scoping review of the ADA. A total of 980 separate research records were included in the review. Findings were descriptive analyzed and synthesized into the following categories: record type, stakeholder groups, topics, and research method. The authors discusses the broader implications of the scoping review findings in relation to understanding emerging issues of disability policy and future ADA research.


Harris, Sarah P., Gould, Robert, Ojok, Patrick, Fujiura, Glenn, Jones, Robin, Olmstead, Avery

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