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Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology

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, 35, 4, 413-20


This study examined embedded performance validity indicators (PVI) based on the number of impaired scores in an evaluation and the overall test battery mean (OTBM). Adult participants (N = 175) reporting traumatic brain injury were grouped using eight PVI. Participants who passed all PVI (n = 67) demonstrated fewer impaired scores and higher OTBM than those who failed two or more PVI (n = 66). Impairment was defined at three levels: T scores < 40, 35, and 30. With specificity ≥.90, sensitivity ranged from .51 to .71 for number of impaired scores and .74 for OTBM.


Davis, JJ, Axelrod, BN, McHugh, TS, Hanks, RA, Millis, SR