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International Journal of Telerehabilitation

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, 8, 1, 20-Nov


Article describes the iterative design and usability testing of the Interactive Mobile Health and Rehabilitation (iMHere) system, developed to support wellness and self-management among people with chronic disabilities. The iMHere system currently includes a smartphone app with six modules for use by people with disabilities and a web portal for use by medical and rehabilitation professionals or other support personnel. The usability study was conducted in the context of iterative, participatory development of both the app and the web portal, incorporating lessons learned to refine both the app modules and the clinician portal. The pilot population of people with spina bifida fostered the creation of a system appropriate for people with a wide variety of functional abilities and needs. As a result, the system is appropriate for use by persons with various disabilities and chronic conditions, not only spina bifida. In addition, the diversity of professionals and support personnel involved in the care of patients with spina bifida also enabled the design and implementation of the iMHere system to meet the needs of an interdisciplinary team of providers who treat various conditions. The iMHere system has the potential to foster communication and collaboration among members of an interdisciplinary healthcare team, including individuals with chronic conditions and disabilities, for a client-centered approach to support self-management skills.


Fairman, Andrea D., Yih, Erika T., McCoy, Daniel F., Lopresti, Edmund F., McCue, Michael P., Parmanto, Bambang, Dicianno, Brad E.

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