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Journal of Patient Experience

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, 3, 3, 88-95

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Study identified preferred sources of health information and services for individuals with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal cord injuries (SCI), and burn injuries and explored how access to this information could be improved. Thirty-three people with injuries participated in semi-structured interviews (13 with TBI, 8 with SCI, and 12 with burn injuries). Responses to interview questions were coded using NVivo. The results showed that participants’ difficulties accessing health information varied by injury type and individually. The majority of respondents found information via the Internet and advocated its use when asked to describe their ideal health information system. Nearly all participants supported the development of a comprehensive care website. When searching for health information, participants sought doctor and support group networks, long-term health outcomes, and treatments specific to their injury. To optimize the quality of health information resources, Internet-based healthcare platforms should add or highlight access points to connect patients to medical professionals and support networks while aggregating specialized, injury-specific research and treatment information.


Coffey, Nathan T., Weinstein, Ali A., Cai, Cindy, Cassese, James, Jones, Rebecca, Shaewitz, Dahlia, Garfinkel, Steven

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