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Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases

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, 25, 2, 317-326

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Study investigated differences between older stroke patients treated with the Siebens Domain Management Model (SDMM) and older patients not treated with the SDMM. The SDMM provides a patient management plan to provide a standard structure for all weekly multi-disciplinary conferences to assess patient problems, progress, and barriers to discharge to home. Overall, researchers found that the SDMM method is helpful for older stroke patients. Patients using the SDMM stayed in the hospital for less time, were sent back to their home and community more often, had less complications resulting in transfers back to an acute-care hospital, and had higher cognitive and motor functioning scores compared to both the national average and the pre-SDMM group.


Kushner, David S., Peters, Kenneth M., Johnson-Greene, Doug