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This project’s goal is to understand the barriers and facilitators to managing Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a chronic condition among a diverse group of individuals utilizing a mixed-method, exploratory sequential approach. We will recruit 130 medically confirmed and non-medically confirmed individuals with TBI and caregivers, and 20 clinicians and healthcare professionals. Participants will complete a survey, an interview, or both. Quantitative and qualitative data will be collected online, by telephone or in person.

Objective 1: Explore the barriers and facilitators to managing TBI as a chronic condition using mixed-methods, theory-based approach.

Objective 2: Examine Quality of Life (QOL), community participation, and medical care in people living with TBI and caregivers.

The endpoint of this study will be the development of culturally tailored toolkits for individuals living with TBI, caregivers and clinicians and healthcare professionals. The toolkit will include clinical care recommendations as well as culturally tailored educational materials for all Socio-ecologic Model (SEM) levels per the findings of this study.