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We will conduct a collaborative module project that will validate a measure of health perceptions for persons with TBI. This measure – the Multidimensional Health Perceptions Questionnaire (MHPQ) – was developed and validated in a general population, with both English and Spanish speakers, using patient-centered outcomes techniques. It captures several areas considered to be important social determinants of health, including anticipated discrimination, spiritual health beliefs, beliefs about social and emotional well-being, trust in healthcare providers, health self-efficacy, and perceived health literacy. Our study aims to validate this measure for diverse persons with TBI and to conduct latent profile analysis to determine profiles of individuals with regard to these important health perceptions that may contribute to effectiveness of communications between persons with TBI and their healthcare providers. We will also explore the relationship between health perceptions and participation outcomes after TBI. This project has the potential to improve communication between persons with TBI and their healthcare providers. Providers could use these health perceptions profile as a basis for tailoring their recommendations and instructions to the individual health beliefs and perceptions of their patients and clients.