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This project will test the effects of Behavioral Activation (BA) therapy on depression and/ or anxiety in community-dwelling people with chronic moderate to severe TBI. In the main treatment condition of interest, participants will receive 8 weekly sessions of BA, 6 in person and 2 by phone. As in traditional BA, the main focus will be on helping participants to generate and schedule value-based, rewarding activities. The treatment will be enhanced by smartphone technology in 2 ways. First, an app will be used to administer Ecological Momentary Assessment of mood states and other data linked to specific activities for the duration of the trial. Second, text messages will be used to remind participants to engage in scheduled activities. Participants will be randomized 2:1 to the BA treatment or to a less intensive treatment, a single session based on BA principles in which participants select rewarding activities and are helped to develop implementation intentions (if-then statements) to prompt their initiation of those activities. In this condition, the implementation intentions will be sent daily via text messages for 8 weeks to remind participants of their intentions and the circumstances that should trigger specific actions to fulfill them. Outcomes include degree of exposure to environmental reward, degree of behavioral activation, and emotional status. A follow-up interview will be conducted to assess participants’ ongoing use of treatment strategies (treatment enactment).