This is a part of the Hot Topic podcast series from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center on Changes in Memory After TBI. Dr. Allison Clark discusses When Strategies Don’t Work.

So when we’re developing these strategies it’s not uncommon for us to try something and have it not work. And, and from my perspective that’s really okay because that gives me and the person I’m working with information so we know what doesn’t work and then we can try to figure out why. And then we can make changes to that, to make modifications to make it a better fit for that person.

So a failure of a strategy is not, does not mean that, like you can’t compensate for the memory problem it just means that that strategy as you designed at that point in time may not have really been the best one. And so again we use that information to just modify it, adapt it, try something else to figure out a strategy that will be a better fit for that person and for their memory problem.

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