This is a podcast-brief from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center.

The brain is the most complex organ in your body. It normally guides the way you think and feel. It allows you to store and retrieve memories and information. And it guides your body’s actions, just to name a few.

A traumatic brain injury can change the way the brain normally works. The injury may cause different problems, depending upon which parts of the brain are damaged. But often times, the effects of a brain injury are life-changing for the one who’s injured and his or her family.

So where do you go to better understand traumatic brain injury? The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center has the information you need. It starts with the 4-part factsheet series on Understanding TBI. This series explains what happens to the brain during injury and the recovery process. You can also learn to better understand the life-changing impact on an individual’s function as well as the impact on family.

Visit, and get answers from experts who conduct innovative and high-quality research, provide patient care, and work to improve the health and overall quality of life for people with traumatic brain injury. That’s