This is a part of the Hot Topic podcast series from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center on Changes in Memory After TBI. Dr. David Arciniegas discusses Primary Care Providers and Memory Problems After TBI.

Given the way our healthcare system has developed around brain injury care, a lot of clinicians who don't work with many people with brain injuries think that perhaps they're not the right person for the person with brain injury or their family to see. In fact, most of the care that people with brain injuries need can be delivered by primary care physicians.

Many of the basic principles that have been outlined, whether they're rehabilitation strategies or medications or both, are easily used in the primary care setting. It may make sense from time to time and from one person to another to consult with a rehab specialist and to periodically have that person with a brain injury in their family go back for tune-ups, if you will, to keep the system engaged.

But it's important for all clinicians, including general practitioners, to realize that the care of somebody with a brain injury who has memory problems is within their scope. They can do it. They may just need to reach out from time to time to get some advice and guidance on how to do it as well as possible.

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