This is a part of the Hot Topic podcast series from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center on Changes in Memory After TBI. Dr. Angelle Sander discusses Learning a New Memory Strategy in Multiple Settings.

So if you are using a pill box, and it's paired with an alarm to remind you to take your medication, and you're at home all of the time, then you can learn to use the strategy in that setting at home, but let's say that the person returns to school after injury. Then it's important to talk with them about, okay, if you have a plan to go back to school, when you do go back to school, how will you manage this?

Let's say you're in class at the time you're supposed to take your medication, and the alarm goes off, or you don't want the alarm to go off because you're in class. Then what can you do to prepare for that situation? So that's an example of how a strategy that may work perfectly well in one setting will have to be tweaked a little bit to be adapted in another setting.

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