This is a part of the Hot Topic podcast series from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center on TBI and Depression. Dr. Chuck Bombardier discusses Get Back to Doing Enjoyable Things to Combat Depression.

So with people with more severe TBI, they do have greater limitations. So what I like to try to do with those people is really go back to, what are their core values? And let’s say their core values may be around family and being there for their family. So it may be true that they can no longer be the breadwinner for their family. Maybe they can’t go play baseball with their son. But we want to ask them, what can you do that would help you to live out these core values?

What is it that you can still do – and it may be simple things like having – being there for dinner with your child. It may be being with them when they’re reading a book, holding their hand. Just being present is really – can be really important and meaningful for these people. So whatever they can do to live out those core values – I think that’s what we would go for.

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