After a TBI, it is common to experience anxiety. Anxiety is closely related to pain, and each can make the other worse. This comic explains the relationship between pain and anxiety and demonstrates strategies to help manage both conditions.

This infocomic follows a TBI survivor as anxiety and pain cause problems in his daily life, and shows how he learns to manage his symptoms.

Information Source of TBI and Chronic Pain: Part 4 Infocomic

Part 4 of the TBI and Chronic Pain infocomic series is based on the TBI and Chronic Pain factsheet series. This factsheet was developed by Silas James, MPA; Jeanne Hoffman, PhD; Sylvia Lucas, MD, PhD; Anne Moessner, APRN; Kathleen Bell, MD; William Walker, MD; CJ Plummer, MD; Max Hurwitz, DO, in collaboration with the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center.

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