Relationships After TBI consists of a suite of resources to help individuals with TBI and their partners enjoy meaningful and fulfilling relationships.


Relationships After Traumatic Brain Injury

Although some of the relationship changes after TBI are difficult and can be painful, there are many things that couples can do in order to enjoy each other and their relationship in new, positive, and meaningful ways.

Sexuality After Traumatic Brain Injury

Changes in sexual functioning are common after TBI. If you are experiencing sexual problems, there are things you can do to help resolve these problems. The information below describes common sexual problems after TBI and ways to improve sexual functioning.

Changes in Emotion After Traumatic Brain Injury

The way people experience or express emotions may change after a traumatic brain injury (TBI). While this can be distressing for family members and friends, many strategies can help manage these emotional concerns after TBI.

Sexuality after a Traumatic Brain Injury

View our slide show on sexuality and sexual interaction after a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Relationships After TBI

Our featured video and brief video clips show the impact of traumatic brain injury (TBI) on a couple’s relationship. Hugh and Rosemary Rawlins share how they worked with TBI Model System researchers to address challenges they faced after Hugh experienced a TBI.