Become an MSKTC Ambassador to Help People with TBI

About the MSKTC Ambassadors Program

Are you passionate about helping people living with traumatic brain injury and their families? This could be the perfect role for you! The goal of the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) Ambassadors Program is to inform, empower, and help individuals with TBI live well. We are looking for people living with TBI, their families, and those who support them to serve as ambassadors. MSKTC ambassadors will actively promote and share free, evidence-based resources from the MSTKC to help people with TBI live well when interacting with MSKTC's audience and the wider TBI community. MSKTC ambassador positions are voluntary and you may withdraw at any time without any penalty.

Ambassadors’ Core Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with the free research-based TBI resources offered by the MSKTC. To learn more, please visit:

  • Share the MSKTC TBI resources with people living with TBI and their families via email, social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), or conversations.
  • Share the MSKTC TBI resources with health care providers who support people living with TBI.
  • Share the MSKTC TBI resources with support groups helping individuals with TBI.
  • Share the MSKTC TBI resources with anyone who is interested in learning more about TBI.
  • Share the MSTKC TBI resources in any creative ways not listed above with the goal of helping people with TBIlive well.

Interested in becoming an MSKTC ambassador? Please complete this application :


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