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This project is a collaborative, 3-phase, mixed-methods study to develop consensus around diagnostic and decision-making criteria for complicated UTI (cUTI) among people with SCI and the clinicians who treat them. In Phase 1 (qualitative) we will engage clinicians SCIMS-wide in focus groups to refine cUTI-related decision-making using our three reliable and validated USQNBs (Urinary Symptom Questionnaire for Neurogenic Bladder) as points of departure, and then conduct a Delphi survey to explore and achieve consensus on diagnostic criteria and guidelines for cUTI among a nationally representative sample of clinicians from the SCIMS network (PM&R, Infectious Disease, Urology, Primary Care, Emergency Medicine), the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA), and the Neurogenic Bladder Research Group (NBRG). In Phase 2 (qualitative) we will develop and deploy training materials and a train-the-trainer program based on the SCIMS cUTI Consensus Guidelines resulting from Phase 1. Finally, in Phase 3 (quantitative) we will assess clinicians’ uptake and use of the Guidelines, and the impact of the Guidelines training on consumers’ self-management habits, engagement with the health care system, and antibiotic use, over the 12 months after training.