This is a part of the Hot Topic podcast series from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center on Managing Pain After Spinal Cord Injury. Robert Irwin, M.D., Associate Professor, discusses Finding the Right Doctor.

If you have any family members with a spinal cord injury or if you yourself are dealing with a new spinal cord injury, finding a physical medicine rehab doctor who specializes in spinal cord injury care should be one of your priorities these people are specially trained in all the possible complications that could happen as a result of it as well as what the normal aging processes would be for you throughout the rest of your life or, for your loved one. We can be able to focus on things that will keep you functioning for many years that would then allow you to have the same sort of life span that you might’ve had without the spinal cord injury.

Visit and get the answers you need from experts who conduct innovative and high-quality research, provide patient care, and work to improve the health and overall quality of life for people with spinal cord injury. That’s