This is a podcast-brief from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center.

Sports SFX

Female Voice: “Is this your first time watching wheelchair basketball?”

Male Voice: “Yeah, and it’s a lot different than I thought it would be. These guys are intense.”

Female Voice: “I love the competition. Have you tried it?”

Male Voice: “No, but I miss playing sports. I played about every sport back in high school. I just haven’t played anything since I’ve had my spinal cord injury.”

Female Voice: “Really!? It’s time you got back in the action!”

Adaptive Sports and Recreation is a factsheet from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center. This factsheet can help you find an adaptive activity that’s right for you! Do you like team sports, like basketball or rugby? How about individual sports, like swimming or racing? What about performing arts, like dance? Would you rather be outdoors fishing or kayaking? These are only a few examples of adaptive sports and recreation activities that give you a chance to have fun with your family and friends.

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