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Title Project Type Start Date End Date
EQUITY AND QUALITY IN ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY (EQuATe) Modular (Joint) 09/01/2021 08/31/2026
An SCI Stakeholder-Vetted Education Module to Mitigate Early Cardioendocrine Health Risks Occurring After Spinal Cord Injuries Modular (Joint) 09/01/2021 08/31/2026
Virginia Consortium for SCI Care
Ashraf S. Gorgey (MPT, PhD, FACSM, FACRM)

Virginia Commonwealth University 1201 E Marshall St #4-100, Richmond,



Virginia Consortium for SCI Care

Research Center Staff

Ashraf Gorgey, PhD

Project Director

Zina Trost, PhD

Principal Investigator

Paul Perrin, PhD

Primary Data Collector

Alicia Kutsch, MS

Primary Data Collector