Jenni Taylor
SCI Ambassador
Individual with SCI
Fun Facts

Jenni loves writing, and she is currently writing her memoir. Jenni also likes writing poetry, listening to audiobooks, hanging out with friends, and writes regularly on her blog. When she isn’t writing, Jenni paints (particularly watercolor) with her mouth. Exercising, volunteering, motivational speaking, and being outside are also things she really enjoys.

Jenni's Journey with SCI

Jenni was in a car accident at the age of 16 and sustained a C-1 C-2 spinal cord injury in 2002. She is on a ventilator and paralyzed from the neck down. During the 6 months she was in the hospital, Jenni had to decide if life was worth living. She made the decision to live her life to the fullest and believes everything happens for a reason. She was able to graduate from high school on time in 2005, and later went on to get her associate degree in communications. She is a motivational speaker and has a blog to help others in need by sharing her story. In 2011, Jenni became Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota and traveled to different cities talking to others about choosing happiness, no matter what happens in life. Jenni is a peer mentor to help others with SCI.

Why does Jenni want to be an ambassador?

Jenni always looks for ways that she could help other people. She came across MSKTC Ambassador Program and found it a great way to help people like her and connect with the SCI community.

What has Jenni done as an ambassador?

Jenni has written blog posts about MSKTC resources which she shared with various support groups via her social media channels. She has even shouted-out the MSKTC ambassador program on her blog. She plans to share MSKTC resources when mentoring others with SCI. Jenni also plans to let people know about the free research based MSKTC through public speaking engagements, sharing it with others and organizations.