Ashraf Gorgey
SCI Ambassador
SCI Researcher

Dr. Gorgey's Journey with SCI

While Dr. Gorgey was completing his PhD, his primary mentor was working on a SCI project at the Shepherd Center. Although Dr. Gorgey knew very little about SCI prior to his participation on this project, he became fascinated with the field and was eager to learn more about SCI. Later in his career, he moved to Virginia to collaborate with a different group of researchers. Together, they published nearly 140 manuscripts on SCI-related topics. Dr. Gorgey’s research helps those with the injury live more fulfilling lives.

Why does Dr. Gorgey want to be an ambassador?

Although Dr. Gorgey enjoys being a researcher, he finds it exciting and rewarding to connect directly with SCI patients. One-on-one contact allows him to see the SCI topic areas that patients are struggling with and direct them to the appropriate resources, like those from the MSKTC. Being a prominent SCI researcher and having over 12,000 Facebook followers, he wants to expand MSKTC’s audience by disseminating their high-quality SCI resources to those that need them.

What does Dr. Gorgey do as an ambassador?

Dr. Gorgey has and will continue to share MSKTC resources to his wide audience on social media. He has been impressed by how powerful information sharing is through social media such as Facebook and Twitter and how well it is received, not only by SCI patients and families, but researchers as well. In addition to social media, Dr. Gorgey plans to share the MSKTC and the Ambassador’s Program at conferences and encourage his colleagues to becoming ambassadors.