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Journal article

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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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, 103, 11, 2164-2173

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Study identified correlates of life satisfaction at 10 years after moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) using an extreme phenotyping approach. Effect sizes were calculated to estimate relationships of 10-year postinjury extremely high, extremely low, and moderate life satisfaction with (1) pre-injury demographics, injury-related factors, and functional characteristics at inpatient rehabilitation admission and discharge; and (2) postinjury demographics and clinical and functional measures at 10 years postinjury. Data were analyzed for 4,800 people identified from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research TBI Database with life satisfaction data (Satisfaction With Life Scale) at 10 years post TBI. Although few pre-injury factors or clinical and functional factors shortly after injury were associated with 10-year life satisfaction groups, the following 10-year postinjury factors were associated with extremely high vs extremely low life satisfaction group membership: greater independent functioning, less disability, more frequent community participation, being employed, and having fewer depressive and anxiety symptoms. Those with extremely high life satisfaction were distinctly different from those with moderate and extremely low satisfaction. Extremely high life satisfaction was underrepresented among non-Hispanic Black persons relative to non-Hispanic White persons. Relationships between life satisfaction and independent functioning, disability, and participation were attenuated among non-Hispanic Black persons. Findings suggest little association among personal, clinical, and functional characteristics early post TBI and life satisfaction 10 years later.


O’Neil-Pirozzi, Therese M.|Pinto, Shanti M.|Sevigny, Mitch|Hammond, Flora M.|Juengst, Shannon B.|Bombardier, Charles H.

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