Web site credibility derives from multiple factors, including overall design and functionality as well as page content and organization. Readers are more likely to continue reading and return to a site if they feel the information is up-to-date and credible.


  • Keep information current—outdated information and incorrect or nonworking internal links suggest carelessness and unreliability.
  • Clearly identify who owns/operates the site.
  • Provide contact information (email, phone and mailing address).
  • Provide a helpful set of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ).
  • Cite evidence whenever possible, either by providing references to relevant publications or by stating that information is based on professional judgment or best practice.
  • Provide author names and credentials.
  • Model Systems Web sites should:
    1. Acknowledge NIDILRR funding.
    2. Provide NIDILRR grant number(s) and date(s).
    3. Provide the name(s) and contact information of the principal investigator(s).
    4. Identify the specific grant cycle and dates associated with each Model System project.