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Journal of Burn Care And Research (formerly Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation)

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, 37, 5, 273-277

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Study investigated whether the administration of oxandrolone, a synthetic testosterone derivative, will improve pulmonary function in burned pediatric subjects. Lung volumes and spirometry were assessed in 54 burned subjects during scheduled outpatient clinic visits 6 months post burn. The subjects were previously randomized to either the control arm or the oxandrolone arm (0.1 mg/kg twice/day for 12 months) of a larger clinical trial. Maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV), the ratio between forced expiratory volume and forced vital capacity, and diffusion capacity were measured 6 months following burn injury, and results were compared between burned subjects with and without oxandrolone administration. Maximum expired ventilation (VEmax) was also measured in a subset of burned subjects who underwent a maximal exercise treadmill test. Results showed that subjects treated with oxandrolone had a significantly higher MVV. During maximal exercise, subjects treated with oxandrolone had a significantly higher VEmax compared with untreated subjects. These findings indicate that the administration of oxandrolone was associated with improved lung function in pediatric burned patients


Sousse, Linda E., Herndon, David N., Mlcak, Ronald P., Lee, Jong O., Andersen, Clark R., Zovath, Andrew J., Finnerty, Celeste C., Suman, Oscar E.