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A number of persons with present or past burn injuries will contract COVID-19. Dealing equitably with disability is an important ethical foundation of “crisis standards of care”. Breaking down barriers for burn survivors by empowering them with their providers of care as partners in a process known as “Coproduction” can provide a platform for advocating powerfully for disability rights. The American Burn Association has begun this process in a statement on their website developed in collaboration with the Phoenix Society of Burn Survivors. In their statement on interpreting burn triage during the COVID-19 pandemic, they emphasize that burn size, although an important determinant of mortality should not be a consideration in triage related to quality of life determinations. Finally, preparation for the post-COVID surge in reconstructive, rehabilitation and psychosocial needs of burn survivors must be underway.


Colleen M. Ryan, Frederick J. Stoddard, Lewis E. Kazis, Jeffrey C. Schneider