This is a part of the Hot Topic podcast series from the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center on Employment After Burn Injury. Peter C. Esselman, MD, researcher, discusses, Keys to A Successful Return to Work Plan.

PETER ESSELMAN: I think the key things that contribute to a successful return to work plan are, uh, number one, communication with the employer. That early communication with the employer and if, if there’s a supportive employer. You have patients that have been at the same place for years, and, and the employer just wants to do anything they can to get them back. They’ve been a good employee, they want them back, they’ll hold the job, they’ll do accommodations, and they’ll do that. And, and even, some employers, even if somebody’s only been there a year or two, it’s just the culture of the work place that the employer is going to step up and do what they can with that.

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