Abtin Shams
Burn Ambassador
Burn researcher, clinician
Fun Facts

Abtin is a competitive individual when it comes to sports, and strives to push themselves physically in tennis, bodybuilding, and running. He is a huge fan of the professional Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal.

Abtin's Journey with Burn Injury

Approximately sixteen years ago, a group of students was studying in one of the most disadvantaged regions of Abtin’s country, Iran. Due to their limited resources, they were forced to warm themselves with oil lamps. Unintentionally, the lamp caught fire. The students were unable to escape through the locked door and were severely burned.

To date, they have been operated on more than 100 times by the best Iranian plastic surgeons. But due to the severity of their injuries, they have not yet regained their initial appearance and have concealed themselves from society.

This heartbreaking and bitter incident motivates Abtin to pursue his research and academic career in the field of plastic, reconstructive, and burn surgery. Abtin received his medical diploma from Tehran Faculty of Medicine at Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran. He conducts research to address the needs of burn survivors.

Why does Abtin want to be an ambassador?

Throughout his career, Abtin always contemplated what could be done for those suffering from burn injuries to improve their quality of life. This goal  motivates him to devote his life to help burn survivors.

Abtin believes that being an ambassador is highly motivating and challenging. It  provides a great platform to promote the free research-based MSKTC resources to people from all walks of life and facilitates communication between burn survivors and health care professionals.

What has Abtin done as an ambassador?

Abtin has  shared the MSKTC  resources via his Instagram account, which has been active in academic fields and plastic surgery  for the past five years. He plans to assist the MSKTC in translating the MSKTC resources specifically for the people of Iran and by providing the MSKTC resources to other healthcare providers, specialists, and interested volunteers. He believes that free research-based factsheets and videos with helpful instructions created by the foremost experts in the field, such as those from the Burn Model Systems and the MSKTC, on multiple aspects of daily life after a burn injury will be both educational and rehabilitative for those suffering from such injuries and will unquestionably enhance their quality of life.