The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center’s (MSKTC’s) Ambassador Program connects people who are passionate about improving the lives of people with spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and burn injuries. Ambassadors take part in research activities, help create and test MSKTC resources, and share these free resources with those who will benefit from them the most. Ambassadors help the MSKTC to better meet the needs of people with SCI, TBI, and burn injuries and their families.

About the MSKTC

The MSKTC is a national center that helps translate health research into information resources that are easy to understand for those with SCI, TBI, and burn injuries. Its goal is to meet the information needs of people living with these injuries. The MSKTC works closely with researchers in 18 SCI Model System Centers, 16 TBI Model System Centers, and 4 Burn Model System Centers to create resources for people with SCI, TBI, and burn injuries and their families and those who support them. MSKTC’s resources are user-friendly and based on research on a variety of rehabilitation (rehab) topics. Example topics include pressure sores after SCI, memory loss after TBI, and wound care after burn injury. MSKTC resources are available in many formats, such as factsheets, infocomics, and videos, to meet the diverse needs of people with SCI, TBI, and burn injuries.


What does an MSKTC ambassador do?

Ambassadors advance MSKTC’s mission by taking part in research, development, recruitment, and dissemination activities. They share MSKTC resources and work with the MSKTC to conduct outreach activities or trainings in their own communities. The program is mostly virtual, but MSKTC urges ambassadors to connect and work together outside of platforms or events hosted by the MSKTC.


Take part in MSKTC and Model Systems research activities on SCI, TBI, and burn injuries.


Help develop and give feedback on MSKTC resources, such as those on the MSKTC website at https://msktc.org/.


Recruit and retain to expand the MSKTC Ambassador Program.

Disseminate and Promote

Share and promote the MSKTC’s free research-based resources with the people who need them the most.

What is a MSKTC ambassador NOT to do?

A MSKTC ambassador is NOT to provide medical advice on behalf of the MSKTC. Because MSKTC resources are free for education purposes, a MSKTC ambassador cannot sell MSKTC resources for monetary gain.

How can you become an MSKTC ambassador?

To become an ambassador, fill out an enrollment form at https://msktc.org/. After receiving your enrollment form, the MSKTC will reach out to you to set up a short, virtual interview and training session.

Who can be an MSKTC ambassador?

MSKTC encourages people who are passionate about helping people with SCI, TBI, or burn injuries and their families to become ambassadors. Ambassadors will help others use MSKTC resources. The MSKTC will train ambassadors. After they complete the training, ambassadors will understand:

• MSKTC and its free, research-based resources about SCI, TBI, and burn injuries.

• MSKTC’s mission, including its goal to increase the use of its resources and services to benefit more stakeholders.

Are there educational or training requirements for MSKTC ambassadors?

Ambassadors are required to know how to navigate the MSKTC.org website, and the topics and types of resources the MSKTC offers. There are no other educational or training requirements for MSKTC ambassadors.

How much time is involved?

There is no specific time commitment for MSKTC ambassadors. Ambassadors decide how much time they can give to the program. MSKTC understands that an ambassador’s time commitment may change over time.

How does your involvement help people with SCI, TBI, and burn injuries and their families?

Your involvement with this program will help people with SCI, TBI, and burn injuries to navigate the rehab process. It will also help to improve the quality of MSKTC’s research and resources.

How can you benefit from the MSKTC Ambassador Program?

Although MSKTC ambassadors do not get paid, they will have the chance to learn about resources and research to support people with SCI, TBI, and burn injuries. They will also get to network with people who have the same interests.

Download the Ambassador's Guide (PDF, 4 pages) >>